Aluminium Awnings

We spend a lot of time dressing up our windows. Shades, curtains, drapes, and blinds almost feel like a requirement in terms of interior design. But what about the outside? The exterior remains completely undressed and vulnerable, preventing the home from living up to its full potential. Why not take the decorating outdoors? Window awnings are a great way to add some aesthetic value to the home’s exterior. They’re like outdoor window treatments that highlight your entryways. Less permanent and cumbersome than shutters, these canopies can offer shade without obstructing the view, and if they overhang a patio or balcony, it can create a feel of an airy outdoor room.

A hundred years ago, awnings were common on hotels, office buildings, and the grandest of houses, for a very good reason: they shaded the window and kept the heat of the sun out. They fell out of favour when the preferred method of dealing with too much solar energy became the application of electrical energy through air conditioning. They were also a high-maintenance item; it probably took quite a few workers to put them up every spring on some of the bigger installations. In today’s time though, we have provisions such as air-conditioners to keep our interiors cool. For the exteriors, awnings come in handy.

Metal awnings are a nice way to add a functional and decorative touch to the outside of your home. Available in a wide variety of colours and styles, metal awnings can easily complement the outside of any home. Metal awnings provide a constant source of shade that is perfect for reducing the solar gain of sun-facing windows. The best among them are aluminium awnings, with their long lasting strength and durability. These non-evasive shades reduce indoor temperatures by 15 degrees, cutting down on your utility bills. Plus, they come with small holes or slits in their covers to increase ventilation in order to avoid trapping unnecessary hot air around entryways.

Rekha Décor offers a wide range of stylish and affordable aluminium awnings to cater to all your requirements. Another benefit of opting for awnings is the protection it provides. Awnings block harmful UV rays before they enter the home. This unseen light could fade furniture, drapes, and carpets. Not only do they cut down on solar penetration, since they’re sealed in a water-resistant coating, they also protect patios, planters, and hot tubs from the rain.

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