Retractable Enclosures

A cozy sunny day is preferred by individuals of almost all ages. It is actually the moment when one can have a pleasant swim in a swimming pool, go forth for sunbathing or perhaps just plain rest in their spas or patios. This all is really exhilarating and relaxes one’s body and soul. Using the developments of modern technology all these treats are usually not only available in the summer months but in almost any time period of the year regardless of the weather conditions. This is made possible with the evolution of retractable pool enclosures.

The concept of retractable enclosures is not age-old with most of the consumers still unaware of their benefits. They are usually defined as solariums on wheels that can be opened to the outdoors. The advantages of choosing retractable enclosures; it can be opened to take pleasure in the hot sun and closed for rain or storms, pool maintenance cost is lowered as a result of less water evaporation, shields people from UV radiation from the sun and definitely swim all year round. There are certain prerequisite conditions though, which determine the type of enclosure suitable for your need.

  1. Style and Design – Design of these enclosures may be implemented in two probable approaches which are freestanding or abutment or extension to an already built or present structure. In the freestanding style considerably more space is available for construction whilst in the latter method might restrict location or construction methods. When connecting or abutting to the house small design changes are needed to the foundation, however this does not have an effect on the overall location or style. Additionally to match or align the look of the enclosure to the present building(s) the roof profiles should be considered.
  2. Size – It totally would depend upon the prerequisites of the consumer and also the area available for structure. Also the dimensions of the pool, spa and patio are required to be proportioned to the available space.

Rekha Décor offers a variety of designs to suit the differing needs one may have. You can find patio/cafe covers to use your patio any time of the year. Be it rain, snow or sunshine you can enjoy the patio by closing or retracting the telescopic enclosures. There are also motorized options available for hard to reach applications; these are perfect for roof top solutions. With the accessibility of luxuries throughout the year these innovations are in demand and soon will be a part of many of the households.

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