Insulated Glass Blinds

Privacy at the flick of a switch !
Imagine taking a snooze in the afternoon after enjoying the brilliant sunrise in the morning. Motorised Insulated Glass Blinds from Rekha Decor lets you do just that – Motorised blinds inside a double glazed picture window can be raised or lowered, with a remote control, to give you a clear view or total privacy and room darkening.
IGBlinds - Beach View

Choose from a range of either 16mm Micro Venetian Blinds or Honey Comb Blinds
Insulated Glass Blind (16mm Micro) (2) - CopyInsulated Glass Blind (Honeycomb) - Copy
Advantages of Insulated Glass Blinds :
* Clean for life ( Just clean the glass)
* Maintenance free (Blinds and Motors carry a 5 Year Warranty)
* Sound insulation (Inert Gas Filled and Double Glazing)
* Energy saving (Inert Gas Filled and Double Glazing)
* Protection against damage from outside (Toughened Double Glazing)

Privacy for Conference Rooms and Executive Cabins
Used as a partition between Executive Cabins or Conference Room Partitions, privacy is just a flick of a switch away
Privacy-Insulated-Glass-Partition-for-Conference-Room contemporary- - Copy
Motorized withsomfy 14x35 Motors and can be integrated to your Intelligent Home Control System or just hit a button on the remote control.
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