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POOL COVERSWith Alukov-Megavent Retractable Pool Covers, you can enjoy your pool all year round. And keep it clean and safe for kids and pets, too

PATIO/CAFE COVERS Use that patio any time of the year now. Rain, snow or sunshine – enjoy the patio by closing or retracting the telescopic enclosures. Cafe and Restaurant Owners, imagine the revenue increase when you enclose your open air restaurants ! Air- condition them in summer or enclose them during the monsoon – Use a space you would normally expose to the ravages of nature.

SPA COVERS That outdoor BBQ or jacuzzi can now be a reality, with Retractable Domes from Alukov-Megavent

ISLAND SMOKE™ISLAND SMOKE™ is appreciated by all – smokers and non-smokers alike! – and can be a perfect complement to any area where people gather – trade shows/fairs, conference centers, sporting grounds, discotheques, car delaerships, shopping centers, etc. It comes with a Roof Ventilator, and can be airconditioned.

Hardware – Exquisite Reliable DesignPrecision German engineered hardware – locking and sliding systems,rails, handles give you years of trouble free service. Designed to last through storms, rains, snow, sunlight they work flawlessly for years. The specially designed Polycarbonates sheets, which give UV protection, come with a 15 YEAR WARRANTY

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Motorized Retractable Enclosures Motorized options available for hard to reach applications – perfect for Roof Top solutions. Can be solar powered, too

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Shapes Available:

Alukov Shapes

Pool cover and spa enclosures bring you JOY:

1. Enclosure dramatically extends the swimming season – Use throughout the year !

2. The polycarbonate with EU Wide longest guarantee period up to 15 years.

3. Polycarbonate is specially designed and tested for hail condition

4. UV protection to exterior side – unlike non protected polycarbonate (which most companies offer) this material will not get brittle or change color.

5. The enclosure sections are independently key locked separately within the track that allows the sections to glide either way on the track when unlocked. Therefore any section can be retracted left or right, the smallest within the largest.

6. Dual sealing system between segments, heightened protection of your swimming pool against natural pollution.

7. IPC offers very attractive rounded profiles with unique sealing system

8. Only with telescopic enclosure you can enjoy swimming in outdoor pool on hot days … simply slide the enclosure fully off the pool. When the weather is not so kind you can transform the pool into a covered one by sliding the enclosure back over the pool.

9. No need to clean the pool as often – pool enclosure saves your pool maintenance.

10. Reduction in frequency of checking the water and dosage of chemicals

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